December 4, 2022, 12:38 pm
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The Savannah Convention Center is fully committed to employing practices that are eco-friendly, both in our facilities and our services. We are proud to be a facility with a LEED Gold certification, a mark of quality and achievement in green building, and we were the first convention center in the state of Georgia to earn one.

To us, “going green” means a comprehensive plan that covers all areas of facility management. From timed lighting systems and motion-detecting sinks, to recycling all applicable used materials and implementing an active food donation program, it is our goal to leave the smallest environmental footprint possible.

We’ve adopted a noteworthy amount of green initiatives which include but are not limited to:

  • Using certified sustainable fish and seafood
  • Donating used frying oil to be recycled and converted to animal feed and bio-diesel
  • Utilizing plates and utensils made of 100% compostable and disposable materials
  • Recycling plastic, aluminum/tin cans, paper, and cardboard products in a co-mingled single stream program throughout the entire facility

Local Product Partners

  • Baker’s Pride Bakery
  • Banner Butter
  • Capra Gia Goat Cheese
  • Congaree & Penn Rice
  • Freeman’s Mill Stone Ground Grits
  • Hunter Cattle Company
  • Joyce Beef
  • Mascot Nut Company
  • Nlaws Produce
  • River Root Micro Greens
  • Savannah Bee Company
  • Savannah Rae’s Popcorn
  • Sweetgrass Dairy Cheese

    A few examples of energy-efficient capital projects we’ve recently completed include but are not limited to:

    Replaced original dishwasher with a new Hobart FT1000 dishwasher

    82% more water efficient (FT900 used 324 gallons an hour and new FT1000 only uses 58 gallons an hour)

    Replaced exterior light poles in Bryan Square and across the Riverfront of the facility

    Replaced existing 175 Metal Halide Light poles with new Nova LED fixtures and NLS poles that use only 40 watts. (Wattage reduction of 135 watts per pole at 65 total poles for a total wattage reduction of 8,775 watts)

    Modification to public restrooms

    Replaced existing light fixtures that were 52 watts with new LED panels that are 30 watts and reduced the amount of fixtures needed. Installed new eco-friendly ceiling tile with humi-guard to prevent mold and mildew

    One International Drive
    Hutchinson Island
    P.O. Box 248
    Savannah, Georgia 31402

    Phone: (912) 447-4000
    Fax: (912) 447-4722

    If you need more information about planning your event, please feel free to call our helpful Event Services staff at (912)447-4000